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PJ Wu 吳秉儒

About Pinchlime

Hi,I'm PJ Wu, welcome to my personal site!

Pinchlime is a blog independently operated by me. Its content includes various articles I have written about productivity tools, productivity methodologies, workflows, and other miscellaneous topics. It also includes backups of my newsletters and "thought snapshots.

The Mandarin name of this blog is "Pin 起來", which means "To Pin this". I have always liked this term and often use it when discussing with my colleagues, saying that we should "pin this" conversation. So I named the blog with this name, hoping that after reading my articles, readers can pin many of the introductions or ideas in their own records.

As for Pinchlime, it is a word I created myself. It sounds a bit like "Pin 起來" in Mandarin, and its meaning is somewhat similar to "Punchline." However, I changed "Punch" to "Pinch" and "Line" to "Lime."

About this site

This site is created with Zola, a static site generator, and hosted on Netlify. I like static websites, although they can sometimes be complex and challenging for me.

About me

I currently work at Heptabase as a full-time Customer Success Manager and Growth Manager. I've been a Heptabase user since early 2022 and have now joined the team. If you have any questions about Heptabase, feel free to contact me.

Previously, I worked as a Content Planner, Project Manager, and Team Manager at a design and marketing company called 簡訊設計 (Simpleinfo.cc) from February 2020 to August 2023. I also served as a Legislative Assistant in the Taiwan Parliament from 2016 to 2020.


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If you have anything you want to discuss, feel free to contact me at pj@pinchlime.com